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Since 2008, Tree of Life Caregivers has been determined to help medical marijuana Patients in Michigan's Upper Peninsula in any way we can by offering a variety of services, from finding a doctor to providing our Registered Patients with the finest in organic medicinal cannabis. We are here not only to care for our Patients but also to assist possible Patients in receiving their medical marijuana certification. If you are unsure whether your condition qualifies you for the program, please visit our About MMMP section. We offer services for caregivers as well, including grow room design and setup, genetics, and will even teach you to grow cannabis.


Tree of Life Caregivers is Patient driven. We are dedicated to providing our Registered Patients with an adequate supply of organic grade A medicinal-quality cannabis. Each of our growers is a Patient as well as a Caregiver, so we know the importance of a steady supply of medication and how difficult that can be to achieve in the current state of Michigan's Medical Marihuana Program. We get to know our Patients on a personal level and are interested in what each likes as well as what is most beneficial in his/her treatment. Not only do we have an extensive library of genetics but we also have access to a variety of genetics and therefore can modify our Patient's medicinal cannabis treatment so that each has the best possible cannabis for his/her condition. Although it may not yet be an official "cure" for any specific medical condition, cannabis is definitely the cure for the symptoms of many conditions, as well as for the side effects of many medications. Several studies have proven that marijuana can kill certain cancer cells and reduce the size of others.


Our knowledgeable Caregivers are passionate about their work and grow in the most optimal conditions. All of our medicine is grown through a process known as True Living Organics (TLO) using all natural and organic nutrients. Only the finest medicinal-quality genetics grow in our gardens and we are committed to bringing each plant to its fullest potential. We guarantee top quality medicine by providing superior care for our plants in every stage of their lives, from cloning to hand-trimmed buds. Between our staff, we have several decades of growing experience.


Tree of Life Caregivers and a partner had planned to open Tree of Life Centers, a chain of provisioning centers in the Upper Peninsula, in the beginning of 2015. We aquired a 10,000 square foot building and planned to open the first location in Iron Mountain, MI. However we had to stall our plans when the Michigan senate refused to vote on bills allowing provisioning centers and medical marijuana concentrates. There are currently new bills in place that carry more support than the previous bills. Once the bills are passed, Tree of Life Centers will offer a wide variety of products for Patients, including THC and CBD oil, medibles, tinctures, e-cig fluid, transdermal patches, cannabis infused beverages, and a wide selection of the best cannabis available.





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